Batman Superheroes Rutland Halloween Parade
Awesome two-page spread from Batman 237. Admittedly I’m a little distracted by the tight crotch pants. Art by Neal Adams. Whole shebang copyright DC.

Sure a whole lot of nerds are already hip to the strange significance of Rutland, VT in the DC and Marvel universes, but what about the Skrull cows in Kings Crossing? Daredevil’s jaunt to Fagan Corners? That time the GI Joe team flattened Springfield? What about Concrete’s trip to the Green Mountain State or the all those newlyweds Charlton sent north for skiing vacations? Hell, is the House of Secrets really located in Vermont?

Do you know of any references we’ve missed? If so, drop us a line and we’ll add ’em in!

Vermont in the Comics

Here’s the tally so far:

TitleIssue/volumePublisherDateDescription of contentGenreSource
2000 ADProg 242IPC Magazines LTD1981, December“Mister, Could You Use a Sqonge?” - "...until one fateful morning on a suburban lawn somewhere in Vermont..."Science FictionCO
Adventures into Darkness14Standard1954, February"Horror's Scrapbook" feature on Shineas (sic) P. Gage. Poor Phineas, Standard Comics couldn’t even get the poor man’s name right.HorrorAK
Alien Worlds2Pacific1983"A Mind of Her Own" - girl/woman with psychic powers transports herself via memory to her childhood in Vermont.Science Fiction
Amazing Adventures16/2Marvel1973RutlandSuperhero
Avengers83Marvel1970, DecemberSuperhero
Avengers93Marvel1971, NovemberSuperhero
Avengers119Marvel1974, JanuarySuperhero
Avengers166Marvel1977, DecemberSuperhero
Avengers227Marvel1982, January"Testing ...1 ...2...3!" Wingless Wizard is referenced as being in prison in "Upstate Vermont."SuperheroCO
Avengers235Marvel1983, SeptemberSuperhero
Batman237DC1973, December"Night of the Reaper" RutlandSuperhero
Batman337DC1981, JulyStowe mentioned.SuperheroCO
Career Girl Romances55Charlton1970, FebruaryPlaywright Nick’s cynicism is poisoning his art. Ex-lover (and actress) Andrea tries to warn him, but he just won’t see. All it takes is a week in Vermont for Nick to open his heart and once more see the good in life.RomanceAK
Carvel Comics2Carvel Corporation1974Captain Carvel and his Carvel Crusaders travel to Vermont in search of the Ice Cream Hater.Superhero, PromotionalAK
City People NotebookKitchen Sink1989Lawyer reading the will of a deceased parent informs her children that their mother has left the bulk of her estate to the "East Feline Animal Shelter in Vermont."Graphic NovelCO
Combat2Dell1961, January"Pearl Harbor." Vermont referenced in text, "In Vermont, maple syrup was being poured on pancakes." Reprinted in Combat 28.WarAK
Concrete Full Color Special1Dark Horse1989"The Damp Descent" - Concrete goes to visit friends living in VT. New story in color reprint volume.SuperheroAK
Crime Does Not Pay33Lev Gleason1944, March"Murder Master." Story of NH-born (and one-time Vermont resident) serial killer HH Holmes.Crime
Daredevil56Marvel1969, SeptemberKaren Page retuns to Fagen Corners, VTSuperhero
Daredevil57Marvel1969, OctoberKaren Page retuns to Fagen Corners, VTSuperhero
DC Pride 2023DC2023, MayJon Kent and John Constantine story written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Skylar Patridge and Dearbhla Kelly.SuperheroRM
DC Super Stars18DC1977, WinterDeadman/Phantom Stranger in VT.SuperheroCO
Death Rattle2Kitchen Sink1973, January"A Normal Event on the New York Subway." Script by Mike Olshan, Art by Mike Vosberg. Accounts Receivable clerk in New York City reflects on his childhood in Vermont.Horror, UndergroundAK
Defenders10Marvel1973, NovemberSuperhero
Defenders18Marvel1974, DecemberSuperhero
Defenders20Marvel1975, FebruarySuperhero
Defenders21Marvel1975, MarchSuperhero
Defenders100Marvel1981, OctoberSuperhero
Demon1DC1972, SeptemberSuperhero
Electra Lives AgainEpic1990Mentions a potential visit to a lodge in Vermont.Superhero; Graphic NovelJR
Fantastic Four2Marvel1962, JanuaryFirst appearance of the Skrull cows in Kings Crossing VermontSuperhero
Fantastic Four Annual17Marvel1983, SeptemberFantastic Four return to Kings Crossing, VT.Superhero
Forbidden Worlds131ACG1965, October"Two Weeks With Pay." Mr. Hobbs vacations on a farm in Vermont.Science Fiction
Freedom Fighters6DC1977, January-February "Witching Hour for the Warrior Wizards!"Superhero
Freedom Fighters13DC1978, March-AprilSuperhero
Freedom Fighters (2019)6DC2019, July"Hidden in the forests of Vermont, the Blue Tracer, mobile HQ of the Freedom Fighters."SuperheroCA via P2P
Ghost Manor65Charlton1982, October"Class Reunion" by Joe Gill (as "Tom Tuna") and Steve Ditko. Reprint from Ghostly Haunts (Charlton) 48.HorrorAK
Ghostly Haunts48Charlton1976, February"Class Reunion" by Joe Gill (as "Tom Tuna") and Steve Ditko. Reprinted in Ghost Manor (Charlton) 65HorrorAK
Ghostly Weird Stories121Star Publications1953, December"Terrible Encounter" by Jay Disbrow. Jim Stanford inherits an estate in "Upper Vermont"HorrorAK
Ghosts45DC1975, September"Ghosts and the Supernatural" feature about Emily's Bridge in Stowe.HorrorAK
Ghosts95DC1980, DecemberHorror
GI Joe10MarvelSpringfield, VTLicensed Property
GI Joe14MarvelSpringfield, VTLicensed Property
GI Joe30MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe31MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe32MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe33MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe34MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe35MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe38MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe42MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe43MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe46MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe47MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe48MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe49MarvelBattle of SpringfieldLicensed Property
GI Joe50MarvelBattle of SpringfieldLicensed Property
GI Joe51MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe52MarvelLicensed Property
The Hidden Witch: A Graphic Novel (The Witch Boy Trilogy #2)Graphix2018Phone number with 802 area code poking out of top of backpackYA Graphic NovelMW via P2P
Human Fly7Marvel1978Superhero
Jason v.s. Leatherface3Topps1996Billboard displays, "When Vacationing in Vermont — visit Camp Crystal Lake" Licensed PropertyP2P
Just Married74Charlton1970, December"A Perfect Couple" - skiing vacation in VTRomanceAK
Justice League5DC1987, SeptemberStone Ridge, VTSuperhero
Justice League6DC1987, OctoberStone Ridge, VTSuperhero
Justice League International7DC1987, NovemberStone Ridge, VTSuperhero
Justice League of America103DC1972, DecemberFelix Faust and the Rutland Halloween ParadeSuperhero
Justice League of America145DC1977, AugustCount Crystal and his Carnival of Souls. Rutland, VTSuperhero
Justice League of America146DC1977, SeptemberCount Crystal and his Carnival of Souls. Rutland, VTSuperhero
Justice League of America200DC1982, MarchSuperhero
Love Diary84Charlton1973, May"Not Mine Alone" - honeymoon in VT, move there at conclusionRomanceAK
Marvel Feature2Marvel1972, MarchDefenders travel to Rutland.Superhero
Marvel Two-in-One7Marvel1975, JanuaryBarbara Denton / Valkyrie and Thing in VT. "Marvel Two-in-One #7 has the Thing travel to "Cobbler's Roost" Vermont because that's where guest star Valkyrie's human form Barbara Denton came from." SuperheroCO
Master of Kung Fu49Marvel1977, FebruaryBrando look alike and demolitions expert James Larner pines for his home in the Green Mountain State.SuperheroCO
My Bad1Ahoy Comics2021, NovemberParody Ad references Willimington, VTSuperheroCO
My Only Love1Charlton1975, July"A Shattered Dream" - weekend trip to Vermont proposed. RomanceAK
My Romantic Adventures121American Comics Group1962, February“Hard-Hearted Hannah.” Hannah inherits a general store in Green Corners, VT. Reprinted in Nadel, Dan and Frank Santoro (Eds.). 2019. Return to Romance. New York: New York Review Comics.RomanceCO
New Heroic Comics42Famous Funnies1947, May"Destruction in Vermont" - Mrs. saves life and property during a fire in South Washington, VTNon-Fiction; AdventureAK
Occult Files of Doctor Spektor18Gold Key1975, DecemberRutland Halloween ParadeHorror
Our Fighting Forces67DC1962, April"Buzzy asks: 'Do You Know Your Neighbors?" PSA. Includes a woman from VT talking about maple sugaring.Public Service AnnouncementCO
Out of Night15American Comics Group1954"Vampire's Vow." Couple visits cursed uncle at his home in Vermont.HorrorAK
Penance: RelentlessMarvel
Pope Hats6AdHouse Books2019, June"Driving Through Vermont I", "Driving Through Vermont II", "Driving Through Vermont III" MemoirCA
Rocky Lane's Black Jack26Charlton1959, February"Merciless Mesa." Vermonter Elph McHale asserts himself with the help of Rocky Lane's Black Jack. Art by Steve Ditko. Reprinted in Outer Limits, Steve Ditko Archives (Fantagraphics 2009) and Cheyenne Kid #100 (Famous Comics 2021).WesternSB
Romantic Story109Charlton1969, November"Rich Little Me" - repeated references to Sugar Bush.RomanceAK
Sandman14DC1990, March"You have a shack out in Vermont that no one knows about..."Superhero ; HorrorCO
Secrets of Sinister House14DC1973, October"The Roommate" - set at "Vermont Girls' College" (possibly Bennington College).HorrorAK
Son of Satan5Marvel1976, AugustSilas Warden calls Damian Hellstrom to tell him that his realtor has found a house for him in Vermont.Superhero ; HorrorAK
Sovereign Seven29DC1997, October"In Crossroads, where the borders of three states meet (New York, Massachusetts and Vermont)...and where Seven Sovereigns now make their home."SuperheroRM
Superboy and the Ravers16DC1997, DecemberHalloween in RutlandSuperheroJR
Swamp Thing6DC1973, September-OctoberSwamp thing faces an evil clock maker in a small Vermont town.Superhero
Sweethearts113Charlton1970, Novemver"Not Worth Loving" - skiing vacation in VTRomanceAK
Tales of the Mysterious Traveler6Charlton1957, December"When Old Doc Died." Reprinted in Fantagraphics Books's Impossible Tales: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 4HorrorCO
Teen-Age Love73Charlton"Poor Little Me." Vermont and skiing mentioned in the text.RomanceAK
Thunderbunny5WaRPRutland Halloween parade.Superhero
Time for Love46Charlton1976, February"Leave Love Behind" - ski trip to Vermont.RomanceSO via P2P
Unseen13Pines1953"Death Tolls the Bells!" Makes reference to Poe's "The Bells" and suggests poem was set in Vermont.Horror
Vampirella3 (Volume 5)Dynamite Entertainment2019Story set in Montpelier, VT. Vampirella attempts to rescue a kidnapped child from a cult.HorrorCA
Vermont Horror Comics: Vermont's Darkest Secrets RevealedBat Books2022A collection of ghost, cryptid and traditional Vermont horror stories by writer Joe Citro and cartoonist Robert Brunelle.HorrorAK
What If22MarvelRutland referenced in letters pageSuperhero
What is a Glacier?Retrofit2016Cartoonist Sophie Yanow reflects on moving from Quebec to Vermont.Non-Fiction; MemoirPC via P2P
Witches Tales6Harvey1951" The Thing That Grew!" Vermont-based Scientist finds baby dinosaur, gives it special formula, it grows to planetary size.HorrorDB
World Around Us - The Illustrated Story of Festivals17Gilberton1959, November"The Earth Unlocks: Easter." Panel depicting people riding a chair lift to attend the annual Easter service on Mount Mansfield.Nonfiction
X-Men54Marvel1969, JanuaryWarren Worthington III (aka Angel/Archangel) attends St. Joe's Preparatory School in Vermont, where his mutant power emerges.Superhero
X-Force59Marvel1996, OctoberOrigin of Shatterstar
"Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane" in Rutland.
X-Force60Marvel1996, NovemberOrigin of Shatterstar - RutlandSuperheroJR
X-Force61Marvel1996, DecemberOrigin of Shatterstar - RutlandSuperheroJR
X-Men Unlimited21Mavel1998, DecemberMelvin J. Wells of Rutland, VT seeks the power of the devil.SuperheroJR
Zippy StoriesLast Gasp1982Zippy makes reference to Vermont while playing a video game. Reprinted from either Zippy Stories (1977) 1 or 2.UndergroundJM